So, Why Choose the Lion of Judah Early Learning Center!

Benefits of the Lion of Judah Early Learning Center:·        

  • Professionally Designed Curriculum preparing children for Kindergarten·       

  •  Flexible Schedules ~ We offer 2, 3,and 5 Day per week Scheduling (Preschool 1/2 Day)·       
  • Loving Supportive Environment·        

  • All Year around Services      

  • Potty Training·       
  • We serve Breakfast and Afternoon Snacks·       
  • Family Events including; Grandparents day, Friends around the World Day, Holiday Programs and Much More...........

Features of the Lion of Judah Early Learning Center·       
Safe Environment~ Video Surveillance in all Classrooms·       

Clean organized classrooms·      

Licensed and Trained Fantastic Staff!·        

Infant Daily Notes App·        

Text Alerts and Newsletters·        

S.T.E.A.M. Science Technology Engineering 
Art and Math Curriculum·       

Summer Camp Component·       

Parents Night Out! ·       

Affordable Pricing
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